VP Protection Structure



VP Protection Inc. has a Human Resources Manager who tests all applicants in the areas of security and life safety as well as incorporates a behavioral interview process to filter out only the best candidates for their clients. A background check is conducted on all employees along with reference checks. Strong written and verbal skills are essential.



VP Protection Inc. provides a variety of certified training programs including Tactical Communications, Crisis Intervention Self Defense, Baton, Handcuffing, Power of Arrest, MLEO Certification (Parking Enforcement) and First Aid CPR Training. VP Protection Inc. also has a progressive training program which has 3 grade levels that provide advancement along with progressive wage increases as the courses are completed.



VP Protection Inc. has a 24/7 recorded dispatch station that handles Alarm/Duress and two-way radio response. We dispatch mobile units across the GTA when required via radio along with the latest in computer and mobile technology. All mobile are trained to handle emergency situations including disaster response. Our Dispatch controls and advises mobile and stationary units when required and are used as a support mechanism when called upon for a variety of situations including immediate extra coverage for its clients.



VPP provides communication equipment which enables our onsite staff to effectively communicate with other officers and the VP Protection Inc. Operations Center. We provide the newest in two-way radio communication as well as Blackberry communication units that have cell phone, paging, report writing and e-mail capabilities. Our mobile security supervisors are each equipped with a two-way radio and a Sonim Cell Phone for communication and alarm response that can be directed from each property or by VPP’s Station. VPP can provide a security management software system that manages key control, reports, emergency contacts and electronic tracking patrol locations. We use the latest in management/ accounting software that allows us to provide our clients reliable up to date detailed information at the touch of a button.



VP Protection Inc. has invested in TrackTik, a real-time, cell based, web reporting and guard tour management system. This system allows for our operation’s management team to instantly access the last position reported for any guard patrol or mobile patrol in real time. Not only can we see where our employees are, but the client also has access to this information. This allows for complete transparency of the guards’ movements while patrolling, enabling you to quantify our service. Further to this, our guards are able to complete full incident and spot check reports through the mobile TrackTik App. Reports can be sent in real time for quick access and stored in TrackTik’s cloud server.