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Established in 2003, VP Protection Inc. has burnished its reputation by providing consistently high-quality security services to leaders in the Canadian commercial/retail industry in a way that is best summed up in its mission statement.

Everything we do is driven by one objective: to responsibly
and effectively ensure our customers, and all whom they are responsible for, can go about their lives knowing they, and their property are safe and secure. 


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Over time, this credo has served VP Protection well, best illustrated by the fact that its customers have returned time and time again; both in the form of repeated contract renewals as well as new engagements at additional properties. A prime example of this is its relationship with RIO-CAN, a company it has worked with for over fifteen years including the site of its head office, The Yonge Eglinton Centre, where it has successfully met the demand of 5 rigorous RFP processes and maintained and grown relationships with various RIO-CAN management teams over the years. 

At its inception, VPP was a small team primarily focused on providing Security Guard and Mobile Security Response Service to clients across the GTA. VPP worked to distinguish itself from the competition based on a gap that founder Kevin Minard identified in his time working in the security field leading up to the creation of VPP: to actually listen to the needs of individual company clients and respond with solutions that specifically addressed them. This collaborative approach identified areas of service that could be improved, including opportunities to increase cost efficiencies for clients.

Its reputation quickly grew and VPP expanded its geographic coverage well beyond the GTA and into other markets. Its services also expanding into Parking Enforcement, Private Investigation, Close Protection and CCTV.

Today VPP has 55 established service contracts, 350+ employees (250 in the GTA), 14 GPS Mobile Patrol Fleet and 24hr Dispatch and Mobile Response.

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