Executive Protection

Executive Protection

VP Protection Inc. provides specialized executive protection services on a global basis. We have a proven track record of working in sensitive security details. Our specialized teams are highly skilled with a background in policing, military and government agencies.

Before we assign a protection detail to an individual or team, we conduct a complete assessment of the threat confronting our customer. From criminals and activists to disgruntled employees and increased terrorist threats, we encourage organizations to protect their most valuable assets: their key people and families.

VP Protection offers secure, discreet transportation for highly visible executives and public figures, whether they’re under immediate threat or simply want the added protection. Our highly skilled Operatives are fully licensed and trained to provide complete protection, instilling confidence in clients as they are transported safely to and from their destination.

VP Protection Inc. offers a wide range of services that ensure our client’s employees and families are kept safe and informed. We make it our goal to allow them to live a normal life—continuing their careers and living without fear of the unknown.

Our approach to personnel protection uses a combination of superior training and proven preventive measures.

We offer comprehensive protection arrangements tailored to meet the specific needs of key corporate executives including protection within the office, secure ground transport and escort air travel.