Security Guards

Our impressive network of professionals come from diverse backgrounds, including law enforcement graduates and seasoned security guards. We have an obligation to provide clients with the most knowledgeable, experienced personnel available.

VP Protection is dedicated to providing industry leading integrated security services focusing on the highest standards of security guard recruitment and training. These skills are continuously upgraded to insure dedicated performance and quality security services for our clients. VP Protection security guards know how to handle difficult situations, both in terms of conflict resolution and liability awareness.

Security guards are trained in trespass to property act, private investigator and security guard act, and other related laws as well as arrest procedures and self defense. All of our security guards are licensed by the Ontario Provincial Police and the Ministry of Safety and Corrections.

Our highly qualified and motivated personnel can provide an around-the-clock security presence that works in conjunction with our other security products to ensure your facilities operate smoothly and are prepared for any emergency. We offer Guard services for the following (but not limited to) types of properties:

• Apartment/Condo/Concierge
• Commercial
• Residential
• Industrial/Warehouses
• Construction Sites
• Auto Dealerships
• Financial Institutions
• Hospitals
• Long-Term Care Facilities
• Educational Institutions
• Government Facilities

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